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AmpRidge MightyMic S
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    MightyMic S

    iPhone Shotgun


    User Manual

    Package Contents

    Connection Diagram

    1 Microphone

    1 Foam Windscreen

    1 Carrying Bag

    Thank you for choosing the MightyMic S Shotgun microphone.
    In order to get the maximum benefit of the microphone you
    need to use an App designed to support all of the audio
    features such as MoviePro for video recording. Please visit our
    website for the latest info on Apps and features.
    Safety Rules
    To ensure proper use of this Microphone please
    carefully read through this user manual.
    Be wary of any sharp edges, uneven surfaces, metal
    parts, accessories and their packaging so as to prevent
    any possible injuries to you or damages to the
    Do not modify, repair or dismantle this microphone.
    Doing so may result in complete failure of the device,
    etc. All of which, are not covered under the warranty.
    Do not use any solvents or volatile liquids to clean the
    Do not use the Microphone in a hazardous location.
    The package contains small parts and poses a
    CHOCKING HAZARD, particularly in children

    MightyMic S User Manual

    MightyMic S User Manual MightyMic S User Manual

    In order to use the microphone simply plug it into the
    headphone jack on your device. The microphone is
    powered by your device so there are no batteries
    needed. The power needed by the microphone is very
    small so there is no appreciable drain on the device
    The microphone is a shotgun design. The effect is to
    minimize sounds from the back and sides compared
    with the built-in microphone. This will allow you to
    increase the microphone sensitivity in front of the
    microphone without having as much of the unwanted
    background sounds. The microphone is designed to
    cover a wide range of volume situations and does not
    have any increased sensitivity over the existing
    microphone by design. This will avoid overload
    In order to control the microphone sensitivity you need
    to use a compatible App such as MoviePro for video.
    The microphone has a headphone jack on the rear for
    playback. It can also be used for monitoring during
    recording with a compatible App such as MoviePro.
    Using this App will allow you to listen and set sensitivity
    levels before recording and also listen while recording.
    Product warranty is limited to defects in material and
    workmanship for one year to the original purchaser.
    Warranty does not cover collateral damage due to
    misuse, abuse, incorrect use and other inappropriate
    uses of this product. The limitation of this warranty is to
    repair or replace the defective parts. Consequential and
    incidental damages are not covered under this warranty.
    This warranty gives you specific legal rights, you may
    also have other rights which vary from state to state. See
    details at for updated information.
    Service and support
    If your device is not performing as it should please visit
AmpRidge MightyMic S

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