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Atlas Sound AH66-15-BSG
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    15" 2-way Stadium Horn System 65° x 65°
    Efficiency Rating of 102dB (1 W / 1 M)
    250 Watts Power Handling
    Maximum Output of 126dB (Rated Power @ 1 M)
    Constant Directivity Design Offers Controlled Coverage of
    65˚ H by 65˚V (2kHz Octave Band)
    Excellent Low Frequency Response Provides Bass You Can Feel
    Driver Complement Includes a 15" Cast Frame Woofer with a
    Concentrically Mounted 1" Exit Compression Driver Coupled to a
    65˚ H x 65˚V HF Horn
    Full Range Frequency Response of 75Hz – 14.5kHz (±5dB)
    • Easy, Weather Resistant Connection Via 4-Pole Terminal Block Connector
    8Ω Nominal System Impedance (70.7V / 100V Operation Via Optional
    Atlas Sound Model AF140 Transformer)
    Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket (Included) Allows for
    Easy Installation to Most Any Flat Surface
    Three Forged Eyebolts Also Included for Suspended Installation
    Atlas Sound model AH66-15-BSG stadium horn, with its square
    coverage pattern, is ideal for down firing applications like convention
    centers where full range reproduction, maximum intelligibility, and
    high sound pressure levels are required. Other applications include
    football stadiums, sports arenas, baseball fields, convention centers,
    and auditoriums.
    Weather resistant construction features of the AH66-15-BSG include
    a multiple screen configuration to prevent moisture from damaging
    internal components: A perforated aluminum screen covers the
    large horn mouth, a secondary screen is in place forward of the high
    frequency driver, and a third tightly perforated screen protects the 15”
    cast frame woofer.
    A heavy-duty stainless steel “C” style mounting bracket is included with
    the AH66-15-BSG to allow easy mounting to almost any flat surface.
    Three drop forge eyebolts are also pre-installed (2-front of horn plus 1-rear
    for “pull-up”) for suspension mounting via load rated aircraft cable. (Use
    caution when suspending any object overhead. Refer to the installation
    manual for more details.)
    The AH66-15-BSG includes a 4 pole terminal block connector on the
    underside of the device for easy hook-up and daisy chain wiring to other
    AH66-15-BSG. If 70.7V/100V operation is required the optional Atlas
    Sound AF140 autoformer may be used.
    NOTE: Due to the full range operation capabilities of the AH66-15-BSG,
    70.7/100V operation is possible, but discouraged. Better frequency response
    and amplifier dampening factor can be realized by using large gauge (#10 to
    #12) home runs and series/parallel hook-up wiring at the head end location
    with direct coupled, low impedance amplifiers. Generally speaking, this
    improvement of frequency response and amplifier dampening factor is worth
    the sacrifice of line loss over distance - especially if transformer insertion loss
    at the loudspeaker location is considered.
Atlas Sound AH66-15-BSG

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