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Atlas Sound AP-15TC
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    © 2001 Atlas Sound LP Printed in U.S.A. 000501 SL2-1363
    1601 JACK MCKAY BLVD. / ENNIS, TEXAS 75119 U.S.A. / TELEPHONE: (800) 876-3333 / FAX (800) 765-3435
    Models: AP-15, AP-15T(C)
    Power Rating: 15 Watts continuous
    Frequency Response: 400 - 14,000 Hz (Nominal)
    500 Hz - 6,000 Hz (± 5dB)
    Sensitivity: 120dB at 15 watts (peak)
    116dB at 15 Watts /1 Meter (avg) 500-6000 Hz
    106dB 1 Watt/1Meter (avg) 500-6000 Hz
    Dispersion Angle: 70° (-6dB, 2000 Hz octave band)
    Weight: AP-15 = 3.5 lbs (1.6kgs)
    AP-15T = 4 lbs. (1.8kgs)
    Finish: Baked epoxy in grey.
    Model AP-15TC is beige epoxy.
    Dimensions: 7
    " W x 8
    " H x 9
    " D



    15 WATT




    AP-15 Series


    • Superior Intelligibility for Voice and Tone Signaling
    • High-Efficiency Driver with Proven Performance Reliability
    • Transformer (T) Equipped Version for Versatile 25, 70.7, or 100V
    Line Applications
    • Omni-Purpose
    Bracket for Precise Positioning
    • Environment Resistant for Outdoor and Indoor Use
    • U.S. Trademark Design is World Recognized for Quality and
    Available in Grey or Beige (C) Finish


    AP-15 and AP-15T environment-resistant loudspeakers are the world
    standard for high-intelligibility voice and signal transmission in medi-
    um-power indoor and outdoor public address, intercom, security and
    industrial-signal-system applications. Cost effective, 15-watt units
    incorporate high-efficiency compression drivers to project sound over
    long distances or wide areas with fewer loudspeakers. The AP-15
    Series is recognized throughout the world as "the performance stan-
    dard" for commercial sound, intercom and protective-signaling sys-
    tems. Units are commonly installed in commercial buildings, distribu-
    tion centers, factories, schools, public access areas, civic centers and
    recreational facilities.


    The 8-ohm Model AP-15 and the transformer-equipped Model AP-15T
    are double re-entrant loudspeakers which deliver 15-watts of continu-
    ous power handling, superior intelligibility and unparalleled efficiency.
    The AP-15 Series operates within a nominal frequency response
    range of 400-14,000 Hz and offers a sensitivity of 120dB at rated
    power to provide clear voice and signal communication.
    Transformer-equipped Model AP-15T includes a versatile, 3-way, 25,
    70.7, 100V line transformer to meet a variety of distributed system
    needs. The transformer is adjustable using Atlas Sound's exclusive
    Connect Center which features a 7-position,
    watts/impedance selection switch. The labor-saving Vari-Tap
    is screwdriver adjustable and includes a protective cover with built-in
    cable strain relief.
    The trademarked squared-bell design signifies Atlas Sound quality
    and reliability. The Omni-Purpose® mounting bracket (supplied on all
    models) achieves precise positioning in the vertical and horizontal
    planes with a single adjustment and includes provisions for loud-
    speaker installation on conventional surfaces as well as for strap-
    mounting on I-beams or pillars. AP Series loudspeakers are U.S.
    made to assure superior service reliability. Weather-resistant con-
    struction is metal and matching ABS plastic with metal components
    finished in grey epoxy (standard) or beige epoxy (Model AP-15TC).
    The AP-15 Series also includes a 45-ohm Model AP-15-45 and a 4-
    ohm AP-15-4 which are designed respectively for intercom and
    CB/auxiliary radio applications. (See SL2-1567).


    Loudspeakers shall be Atlas Sound Model __________ (AP-15, AP-15C, AP-
    15T, AP-15TC) or approved equal. Each loudspeaker unit shall be supplied
    with integral compression driver and shall be constructed of structural alumi-
    num and ABS plastic with double re-entrant acoustic path and exponentially-
    flared square bell. The weather-resistant unit shall have a continuous audio
    power rating of 15 watts. Frequency response range shall be 400-14,000 Hz
    (Nominal), 500-6000 Hz (+5dB). Sound pressure level shall be 116dB
    (15W/1M), 106dB (1W/1M). Sound dispersion shall be 70 degrees (-6dB,
    2000 Hz octave band). Mounting bracket shall allow vertical and horizontal
    adjustment and include provisions for surface mounting, banding or strap-
    ping. Loudspeaker shall have impedance selection, via seven-position switch
    of 5000, 2500, 1300, 666, 333, 89 and 45 ohms. Power taps shall be avail-
    able at .48, .94, 1.8, 7.5, 15 watts for 25V line, 1, 2, 3.8, 7.5, 15 watts for
    70.7V line and 2, 4, 8 and 15 watts for 100V line. Wiring terminals shall be
    enclosed for security and weather protection. Finish shall be grey or beige (C)
    baked epoxy as indicated. Dimensions shall be 7
    8" W x 8
    4" H x 9
    16" D.
    BX-2A Vandal Resistant Cover Plate for Armored Cable and Conduit Connection. Constructed of Cast Aluminum.
Atlas Sound AP-15TC

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