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Atlas Sound AP-30TC
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    30 Watt Horn Loudspeakers
    TELEPHONE: (800) 876-3333
    FAX (800) 765-3435
    ©2010 Atlas Sound L.P. All rights reserved. Atlas Sound is a trademark of Atlas Sound L.P. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ATS003854 RevA 5/10
    Models AP-30, AP-30T(C), AP-30T-25
    Power Rating 30 Watts Continuous
    Frequency Response 300 - 12,000 Hz (Nominal)
    500 Hz - 4500 Hz (±5dB)
    Sensitivity 126dB at 30 Watts (Peak)
    121dB at 30 Watts/1 Meter (Avg) 500 - 4500 Hz
    108dB at 1 Watt/1 Meter (Avg) 500 - 4500 Hz
    Dispersion Angle 60˚ (-6dB, 2000 Hz Octave Band)
    Weight AP-30: 4.5 lbs (2.0kgs)
    AP-30T: 5 lbs (2.3kgs)
    AP-30T-25: 5 lbs (2.3kgs)
    Finish Baked Epoxy
    Dimensions H 11" x W 10" x D 10
    Temperature Range -40˚C - 70˚C
    Architect and Engineer Specifications
    Loudspeakers shall be Atlas Sound Model ____________ (AP-30 or,
    AP-30T(C), or AP-30T-25) or approved equal. Each loudspeaker shall be
    equipped with an integral compression driver within waterproof housing.
    The loudspeaker unit shall be constructed of structural aluminum with
    double re-entrant acoustic path and exponentially-flared outer bell.
    Power handling capability shall be 30 Watts continuous. Frequency
    response range shall be 300-12,000 Hz (nominal), 500-4500 Hz (+5dB).
    Sound pressure level shall be 121dB (30W/1M), 108dB (1W/1M). Sound
    dispersion angle shall be 60˚. Model AP-30 shall have voice coil impedance
    of 8 Ohms. Models AP-30T and AP-30T(C) shall have impedance selection
    of 2500, 1300, 666, 333, 167, 89, 45 Ohms for 25, 70.7, or 100V line.
    Power taps shall be available at .9, 1.8, 3.7, 7.5 and 15 watts for 25V
    line; 2, 3.8, 7.5, 15 and 30 watts for 70V line; 4, 7.7, 15 and 30 Watts
    for 100V line. Model AP-30T-25 shall have selection of 500, 250, 125,
    83, 42, 21 Ohms for 25V line. Power taps shall be available at 1.2, 2.5,
    5, 7.5, 15, 30 Watts. Loudspeaker shall be furnished with mounting
    bracket allowing adjustment on the vertical and horizontal planes and shall
    include provisions for surface or strap mounting. Wiring terminals shall be
    enclosed. Units shall be weatherproof and constructed of metal and ABS
    plastic. Finish shall be grey or beige (C) baked epoxy as indicated.
    Di men sions shall be H 11" x W 10" x D 10
    Superior Intelligibility for Voice and Tone Signaling
    Wide Frequency Response for Optimum Sound Quality
    Environment Resistant for Outdoor and Indoor Use
    • Omni-Purpose
    Bracket for Precise Positioning
    Choice of 8 Ohm or Transformer (T) Equipped Models for Versatile
    25, 70.7, or 100V Line Applications
    U.S. Trademark Design is World Recognized for Quality and Dependability
    Available in Grey or Beige (C) Finish
    All-purpose, environment resistant 30-Watt AP-30 Series loudspeakers
    provide cost effective high-intelligibility voice and signal transmission
    for high power indoor and outdoor public address, intercom, security,
    alarm, or industrial signal systems. Units incorporate high-efficiency
    compression drivers to project through high ambient sound levels,
    over long distances and in wide open areas with fewer loudspeakers.
    The AP-30 Series is renowned in the industry as the “professional
    standard” for applications such as commercial buildings, distribution
    centers, industrial warehouses, institutions, civic centers, and
    recreational facilities.
    The 8 Ohm Model AP-30 and transformer-equipped Models AP-30T and
    AP-30T-25 are double re-entrant loudspeakers which deliver 30 Watts
    of continuous power handling, superior intelligibility and unparalleled
    audio conversion-efficiency. The AP-30 Series operates within a
    nominal frequency range of 300-12,000 Hz and offers a sensitivity of
    126dB at rated power to provide clear voice and signal communication.
    Models AP-30T and AP-30T-25 each feature an integral transformer to
    meet a variety of distributed system needs. The AP-30T is equipped
    with a versatile, 3-way, 25, 70.7, 100V line transformer, while Model
    AP-30T-25 includes a 25V only line transformer. Transformers are
    adjustable using Atlas Sound’s exclusive Vari-Tap
    Connect Center which
    features a 7-position, watts/impedance selection switch. The labor saving
    terminal is screwdriver adjustable and includes a protective
    cover with built-in strain relief.
    The trademarked square bell design signifies Atlas Sound quality and
    reliability. The Omni-Purpose
    mounting bracket (included on all models)
    allows precise positioning in the vertical and horizontal planes with a
    single adjustment and provides for installation of the loudspeaker on
    conventional surfaces or by strap-mounting to I-beams or pillars. AP
    Series loudspeakers are U.S. made to assure superior service reliability.
    Weather-resistant construction is metal and matching ABS plastic with
    metal components finished in grey epoxy (standard) or beige epoxy if
    suffixed with (C) where noted.
    BX-1A Vandal resistant cover plate for armored cable
    and conduit connection. Constructed of cast
    APXB-G/APXB-N Optional mounting base for a standard 1-gang,
    2-gang, or 4" sq. E.O. box. (G-Grey or N-Neutral)
    AP-30 Series
Atlas Sound AP-30TC

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