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Atlas Sound APT-34AT
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    30-Watt Bi-Directional Loudspeakers
    Twin Reflex Projectors Provide High Efficiency Bi-di rec tional
    Sound Dispersion
    • Element Resistant Construction for Indoor or Outdoor Installations
    Built-In 25V, 70.7V, 100V Transformer with Seven-Position, Impedance
    Switch for Application Versatility
    Omni-Purpose Mounting Bracket for Positioning Flexibility on Vertical
    or Horizontal Planes
    • Optional Accessories for Vandalism Protection
    Surface mounting loudspeaker utilizes a single driver and twin pro jec tor
    to provide cost-ef fi cient, bi-di rec tional sound dis per sion. En vi ron ment
    resistant as sem bly is rec om mended for pag ing, talkback, se cu rity and
    tone sig naling in corridors, stair wells, walkways, under eaves and along
    building pe rime ters of trans por ta tion platforms, warehouses, loading
    docks, parking lots, garages, sports, and recreational facilities.
    General Description
    Atlas Sound Model APT-34AT is a high-intelligibility loud speaker with
    a single compression driver which delivers 30 Watts of power and
    175˚ sound dis per sion in opposite directions. It in cor po rates the
    ex clu sive Vari-Tap
    -control connect center, which features a built-in
    25V, 70.7V,100V trans former and a seven-position watts/im ped ance
    switch (screwdriver adjustable) with a 45Ω tap. Model APT-34AT is
    environment-resistant and in cludes a protective ter mi nal cover with built-
    in cable strain relief for ver sa tile indoor/out door inter com and sig naling
    use. The single ad justment Omni-Purpose mounting bracket pro vides
    po si tion ing flexi bil ity on conventional surface installations (vertical and
    hori zon tal planes) and in cludes pro vi sions for strap-mounting to I-beams
    or pillars. Dimensions are 16
    2" L x 9
    4" Diameter (419mm x 248mm).
    For cable/conduit in stal la tions, Model BX-2A is avail able. APT-34AT is
    finished in durable grey epoxy. Weight is 9 lbs.(4.1kg).
    Model APT-34AT
    Power Rating 30 Watts
    Frequency Response 450Hz–12.5kHz (±5dB)
    Sensitivity 101dB 1 Watt /1 Meter (avg)
    Dispersion Angle 175° (-6dB, 2000 Hz octave band)
    Length 16
    2" (419mm)
    Diameter 9
    4" (248mm)
    Weight 9 lbs. (4.1kgs)
    Finish Baked epoxy
    Power Taps
    25V .9, 1.8, 3.7, 7.5, 15
    70.7V 1.8, 3.7, 7.5, 15, 30
    100V 4, 7.7, 15, 30
    Driver Protection
    The horn loudspeaker should not be operated at frequencies outside the
    horn cut-off. It is suggested that any program material be high-passed
    at 300Hz with a 6dB per octave filter. This can be done with a low level
    filter at the amplifier input or by a series capacitor at each loudspeaker.
    Electrolytic capacitors can be used but they must be non-polarized (See
    Typical Capacitor Values Chart).
    Typical Capacitor Values
    8Ω Driver 25V Line 70V Line 100V Line
    70 mfd 30 mfd 4 mfd 2 mfd
    Electrolytic capacitors can be used but they must be non-polarized.
Atlas Sound APT-34AT

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