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Atlas Sound GD87W
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    • Industry standard 8" (203mm) coaxial, 16 watt, loudspeaker with
    high quality factory installed 8 watt line matching transformer and
    white CRS baffle
    • Offers proven performance with wide frequency response
    • Post-mounted tweeter adds strength and a more attractive appearance
    • Ideal for multi-purpose commercial, industrial, and institutionals use
    • Individually packaged for stocking & ordering convenience
    Use Atlas Sound 8" (203mm) dia., multi-purpose, coaxial loudspeaker
    Model GD87W for voice transmission, music and signal reproduction in
    high-quality commercial, industrial and institutional applications.
    The speaker used in the GD87W is the next generation of Atlas Sound
    high performance cone loudspeakers, very similar to the preceding
    C-Series speakers. The similarity in the sonic qualities ensures that
    contractors and designers who have worked with the Atlas Sound C803A
    Series in the past will know exactly what to expect when they use the
    High-quality, 25W Model GD87W utilizes a post mounted tweeter which
    adds strength to the assembly and provides an attractive appearance.
    This coaxial loudspeaker features a 55Hz-15kHz ±5dB frequency
    response and a broad, uniform dispersion pattern of 90° @ 2kHz. Such
    provisions allow for highly intelligible sound reproduction and better
    distribution for high-quality sound systems. The GD87W combines a
    full-size 8" (203mm) dia. low-frequency reproducer and a 3" (76mm)
    high-frequency reproducer. The two sections are coupled via a built-in
    crossover network. The woofer has a 10 oz. (260g) ceramic magnet; the
    tweeter has a 2.35oz. (67g) ceramic magnet.
    The unit has an average sensitivity of 96dB (1W/1M). The loudspeaker is
    matched with a high efficiency 8 watt 70.7V transformer with a maximum
    insertion loss of 0.6dB. This premium transformer is constructed of audio
    grade laminations and has a full range frequency response of +1dB from
    50Hz-15KHz. The primary taps are 1, 2, 4, and 8 watts. The GD87W
    includes a factory installed CRS baffle with concealed loudspeaker
    mounting studs and includes screw mount hardware. The baffle finish is
    white powder coat epoxy.
    Unit shall be Atlas Sound 8" diameter. loudspeaker/transformer/
    bafflecombination Model GD87W The low-frequency reproducer cone
    shall be a full 8" (203mm) in diameter and the high frequency reproducer
    cone shall be 3" (76mm) in diameter. The woofer shall have a 10 oz.
    (260g) ceramic magnet; the tweeter shall have a 2.35oz. (67g) ceramic
    magnet. The two reproducer sections shall be coupled through a built-
    in crossover network. The crossover frequency shall be at 2800Hz.
    Frequency response range shall be 55Hz-15kHz ±5dB. Average
    sensitivity shall be 96dB (1W/1M). Low frequency voice coil diameter
    shall be 1" (25mm) and operate in a magnet field of at least 10,600
    gauss. Transformer primary voltage shall be 70.7V with a frequency
    response range of ±1dB-50Hz-15KHz and power taps at 1,2,4, and 8
    watts. Insertion loss shall not exceed .6dB. Unit shall include factory
    installed CRS baffle. Baffle shall included welded speaker mounting studs
    and all necessary hardware to match the baffle to associated optional
    hardware. Baffle overall diameter shall not exceed 12
    4” (324mm) Baffle
    shall be finished in white powder coat epoxy. The maximum depth of the
    loudspeaker/transformer/baffle package shall not exceed 2.875" (73mm).
    The GD87W baffle features standard mounting holes to accommodate
    the majority of Atlas Sound 8" tile bridges, mounting rings and
    enclosures. When specifying mounting hardware be advised that the
    dimensions of the GD87W baffle match the Atlas Sound Model 62-8.
    Size 8” (205mm)
    Power Handling 25 Watts Peak, 15 Watts RMS
    Sensitivity 96dB Average
    Impedance 8 Ohms Nomina
    Frequency Response 45 Hz-19 kHz Nominal, 55 Hz-15 kHz ±5dB
    Dispersion 105° (2 kHz Octave Band, -6dB Points)
    Diameter & Depth 8.125” (205mm) Dia. & 2.875” (73mm) Deep
    Mounting Dimensions 7.625” (194mm) Bolt Circle
    Cone Material Treated Paper
    Surround Material & Damping Damped Self Edge
    Flux Density 10,600 Gauss, 1.06 Tesla
    Magnet Weight Nominal, 10 oz. (260g)
    Basket Material Stamped Plated 20 ga. CRS
    VC Diameter 1” (25mm)
    VC Material Copper
    VC Former Material Black Anodized Aluminum
    VC Winding Width .225”
    Top Plate Thickness .239”
    Weight 32 oz. (908g)
    Pe 15 watts
    Fs 125 Hz
    Xmax .05”
    Resistance 7.3 ohms
    Qts 0.8
    Qes 0.95
    Qms 5.2
    BL 7.9 N/A
    Efficiency 1.90%
    Vas .32 (ft3)
    Sd 33.2 (in2)
    Le@1kHz .36 mH
    Mms .39 oz.
    Cms .024 in./lb.
    Transformer Specifications
    Frequency Response 50Hz-15kHz (±1dB)
    Primary Taps (Watts) 1, 2, 4 & 8
    Secondary Impedance (ohms) 4 & 8
    Maximum Insertion Loss .6dB
    Primary Termination 6" (152mm) Com. Lead Color Coded
    Core Size 1
    " x
    (25 X 19mm)
    Power Rating (Watts) 8
    (Front View) (Rear View)
Atlas Sound GD87W

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