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Atlas Sound PM8GD
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    ©2013 Atlas Sound L.P. All rights reserved. Atlas Sound is a trademark of Atlas Sound L.P. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All specs are subject to change without notice. ATS002842 RevA 3/10
    8" GD87 driver provides 105˚ (52.5˚ off-axis) coverage in the
    2 kHz octave band - 6dB Points.
    70.7V taps @ 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 Watts plus 8Ω direct input via
    concealed terminal block
    Extreme high efficiency (96dB 1 W/1 M) allows for lower tap settings
    and more loudspeakers per amp channel in many installations
    Technical Specifications
    Power Rating: 16 Watts @ 8 Ω
    70.7 Taps: 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 Watts
    Frequency Response: 70Hz — 15kHz (±7dB)
    Sensitivity(1W/1M): 96 dB Average
    Dispersion Angle: 105˚ (2kHz Octave
    Band, -6 dB Points)
    Woofer Mag. Wt.: 10 oz. (311g)
    Woofer: 8" Treated Paper
    HF Driver: Coaxially Mounted 3" Treated Paper
    Enclosure Dimensions: Diameter - 12.25" (311mm)
    Overall Height - 16.62" (422mm)
    Enclosure Volume: 1075 In
    (17 616.09cm
    Weight: 17lbs (7.71kg)
    The Atlas Sound PM8GD features the popular GD series coaxial driver
    to provide familiar response and high efficiency while retaining economy
    when high density speaker counts are required in page only applications.
    Attaching the PM8GD to most overhead surfaces is a breeze. For open
    beam ceilings a 3 meter cable kit is included with a self gripping ferrule
    system. If down pipe installation from hard ceiling material is required,
    4” ceiling fan installation kit may be utilized. These kits are readily
    available under the FANTEC
    brand from home improvement stores with
    various down pipe length options to provide installation ease regardless
    of ceiling material angle (Up to 45°).
    Either installation solution is discreetly implemented via the PM series
    innovative top cover design. This “cap” includes a cable access plug that
    is easily removed for down pipe mounting. The cover also completely
    conceals the speaker cable terminations and the suspension anchor
    Several packages are offered to suit various coverage pattern and
    installation scenarios. For low ceilings, Atlas Sound offers a discrete
    enclosure system containing a ultra wide coverage 8" GD series driver.
    For higher ceiling applications, Atlas Sound PM series answers the
    need for a variety of budget and performance requirements with three
    different 8" driver options, factory assembled into in a larger yet still
    attractive pedant style enclosure.
    Available in black or white enclosure finish.


    Pendant Mount Speaker Series
Atlas Sound PM8GD

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