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Atlas Sound SM8CXT
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    High Performance Coaxial Loudspeaker
    High Performance Atlas Sound Compression Driver Coaxial
    Loudspeaker in Versatile, Flyable, Wood Enclosure
    Multiple (12)
    4"-20 Inserts, Providing Fly Points for a Variety of
    Mounting Configurations
    Includes Internal, High Efficiency 60 Watt 70.7V/100V Transformer
    (May Be Bypassed For 8Ω Operation)
    Barrier Strip Input For 70.7/100V/ or Parallel 4 Pole Speak-On Input
    for 8Ω Operation Only
    Unique Input Panel Allows Use of Standard 4" Square Box Cover (Raco
    753 or Eq.) for Applications Where Flex Conduit is Required
    for Termination
    • Fuse Protection for Low and High Frequency Drivers
    • Attractive, Heavy-Duty Grille Assembly
    • Durable Black or White, Rough-Coat Finish
    • Optional Brackets for Wall Mounting
    Pre-Drilled With T-Nut Inserts for Omnimount™ Bracket Wall Mounting
    The SM8CXT is optimized for high ceiling applications such as arenas,
    convention centers, gymnasiums, and auditoriums. The extreme high
    efficiency and higher “Q” of the 8CX with its powerful 8" speaker and
    1" exit compression driver, provides the increased available SPL often
    required in these high ceiling applications. In 70.7V/100V systems this
    high efficiency can also result in lower tap settings.
    General Description
    SM Series loudspeakers offer quality sound reproduction and
    contemporary styling. The SM8CXT features the SM8CXT60—a
    150 Watt loudspeaker that combines an 8" diameter, low frequency
    transducer and a 1" exit, compression driver. The speaker has a
    curvlilinear, polypropylene cone for lower harmonic distortion, and a
    built-in crossover network for proper frequency transition between the
    two reproducers. The low frequency transducer and the high frequency
    driver feature permanently aligned voice coils for low distortion
    performance. The copper coils have Polyimide voice coil formers.
    The SM8CXT features a wood enclosure with a metal grille. Internal
    hardware, for flying, includes multiple (12)
    4"-20 inserts for overheard
    suspension in most any orientation.
    A 90 degree conical pattern (2kHz octave band) and amazing efficiency
    make the SM8CXT a perfect choice for a wide variety of applications
    including school auditoriums, gymnasiums, cafeterias, church sanctuary
    systems, and more.
    Power Rating (Rms) 150Hz
    Frequency Response 60Hz – 15kHz (±5dB)
    Sensitivity (1W/1M) 92dB
    Power Taps 7.5, 15, 30, 60 Watts & 8Ω
    Height 15
    2" (394mm)
    Width 10
    8" (270mm)
    Depth 10
    8" (264mm)
    Weight 19 Lbs (8.6kg)
    Dispersion Angle 90°
    Finish Rough-Coat, Black or White
    Architect and Engineer Specifications
    The loudspeaker system shall be Atlas Sound Model SM8CTX.
    Assemblies shall consist of two-way woofer and tweeter assembly
    within environmental-resistant housing. The 150 watt systems shall have
    a 8.25" (310mm) woofer constructed with polypropylene cone and a 1"
    (25mm) titanium diaphragm compression driver. Each system shall be
    complete with a built-in, 60 Watt 70.7V/100V transformer. The speaker
    shall be mounted in a wood enclosure with a metal grille. The enclosure
    shall provide multiple 20 inserts for mounting. Fuse protection for high
    and low frequency drivers shall be included.
Atlas Sound SM8CXT

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