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Emtec X150
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  • X150 2.5’’ SATA

    Safety & Handling Instructions:
    Avoid touching the Emtec SSD’s connector. Handle the Emtec SSD using its edge or frame. Do not remove, damage or cover any
    product labels. Removal of such labels voids the warranty.
    Ensure the Emtec SSD does not exceed following operating temperature:
    - Minimum : 0°C
    - Maximum : 70°C
    Exercise caution when removing the Emtec SSD from the Desktop/Notebook as the Emtec SSD may have heated up.
    Keep the Emtec SSD away from sinks, drinks, bathtubs, showers, rain and other sources of moisture.
    Moisture can cause electric shocks with any electronic device. Do not disassemble, crush, short circuit or incinerate the Emtec SSD
    as it may cause fire, injury, burns or other hazards.
    Installation Guidelines:
    Before installing the Emtec SSD please take all necessary precautions to comply with the Desktop/Notebook manufacturer’s
    handling instructions.
    1. Power off the Desktop/Notebook and disconnect the main power cord from the wall outlet. If the Desktop/Notebook uses a
    removable battery, remove the battery.
    2. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for details on how to remove the computer's outer case, and where the SATA connectors
    are located on the motherboard.
    3. According to the machine type:
    a) Desktop: Connect the Emtec SATA SSD to the SATA data cable and insert the SATA cable into the SATA connector on the
    Once you have installed the Emtec SATA SSD, put back the computer cover and plug back the power supply.
    b) Notebook: Slide the Emtec SSD’s SATA connector into the Notebook’s SATA connector.
    If necessary,reinstall the removable battery and plug back the power supply.
    4. Power on the system to verify that the installation was successful.
    Additional Safety Instructions:
    Keep the Emtec SSD drive away from direct sunlight, moisture and extremes temperatures. Do not bend, flex or drop your Emtec
    SSD drive. The user is responsible for complying with all environmental, safety and other usage specifications outlined in the Product
    For any further enquiries, please visit EMTEC website : http://www.emtec-international.com
    Disposal Instructions:
    Do not dispose the Emtec SSD with unsorted waste. Improper disposal may be harmful to the environment and human health.
    Please refer to your local waste authority for information on return and collection systems in your area.
    Data backup:
    To prevent data loss, we strongly recommend to proceed at least to a backup of your data. Any data loss or corruption while using
    SSD is the sole responsibility of the user. Under any circumstances will the manufacturer be held liable for compensation or data
    This SSD has 3 years warranty from date of purchase. Within the warranty period, we will repair or replace your SSD in case of
    material or functional defect. We do not take any responsibility in case of data loss. It is suggested that one regularly backs up their
    personal data.
    The warranty does not apply:
    1) For damages caused by natural disaster.
    2) If the SSD has been repaired or dismounted by unauthorized persons.
    3) If the product has been destroyed voluntarily or unvoluntarily.
    4) If the warranty label or capacity information have been changed or removed, if the serial number does not appear clearly or does
    not match.
    5) If the SSD was bought from unauthorized channel.
    6) If the warranty period has expired.
Emtec X150

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Katso Emtec X150 käyttöohjeet täältä ilmaiseksi. Tämä opas kuuluu luokkaan SSD -asemat, ja sen on arvioinut 1 ihmistä keskimäärin arvosanalla 7.5. Tämä opas on saatavana seuraavilla kielillä: Englanti. Onko sinulla kysyttävää tuotteesta Emtec X150 tai tarvitsetko apua? Esitä kysymyksesi täällä

Emtec X150 – tekniset tiedot

Tuotemerkki Emtec
Malli X150
Tuote SSD -asema
EAN 3126170173638
Kieli Englanti
Tiedoston tyyppi PDF
SSD-malli 2.5"
SSD-kapasiteetti 2000 GB
Käyttöliittymä Serial ATA III
Muistityyppi 3D NAND
Komponentti (tuotteelle) PC/notebook
Laitteistosalaus Ei
Tiedonsiirtonopeus 6 Gbit/s
Lukunopeus 550 MB/s
Kirjoitusnopeus 530 MB/s
Peräkkäinen lukunopeus (ATTO) 550 MB/s
Peräkkäinen kirjoitusnopeus (ATTO) 530 MB/s
Peräkkäinen lukunopeus (CDM) 500 MB/s
Peräkkäinen kirjoitusnopeus (CDM) 400 MB/s
Random read (4KB) 99000 IOPS
Random write (4KB) 94000 IOPS
ECC Kyllä
TRIM-tuki Kyllä
S.M.A.R.T. tuki Kyllä
Keskimääräinen vikaantumisaika 2000000 h
TBW-taso 215
Suojaustoiminnot Iskunkestävä
Paino ja mitat
Tuotteen leveys 69.85 mm
Tuotteen syvyys 100 mm
Tuotteen korkeus 7 mm
Pakkaustyyppi Kupla