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  • Compact enclosure

    258 mm (10 in) LF transducer

    90° x 50° Progressive Transition™ Field

    Rotatable Waveguide with a 25 mm (1 in) exit

    35mm (1.5") voice-coil compression driver

    Dual Neutrik NL4 connectors plus screw


    Multiple attachment points for ultimate




    Performing Spaces

    Clubs & Bars

    Houses of Worship

    Multi Media Spaces

    Retail & Hospitality Spaces

    Presentation Suites

    Educational Facilities

    AC195 is a compact 2-way full-range loudspeaker

    system comprised of one 258 mm (10 in) low

    frequency driver and one 25 mm (1 in) exit/35 mm

    (1.5 in) voice-coil compression driver. e rotatable

    PT™ Progressive Transition waveguide provides 90°

    by 50° coverage in vertical cabinet orientation. High-

    slope passive crossovers minimize band overlap and

    well-controlled oaxis response.

    e cabinet is tted with M10 threaded suspension

    points. Four threaded inserts located on back of the

    enclosure allow attachment of a MultiMount® or

    similar type mounting.

    AC195 is part of JBL’s AE Application Engineered

    Series, a versatil e family of loudspeakers for a wide

    variety of xed installation applications.

    Key Features:


    2-Way Full-Range Loudspeaker

    with 1 x 10" LF

    Frequency Range (-10 dB)
    : 68 Hz - 20 kHz
    Frequency Response (±3 dB)
    : 85 Hz - 18kHz
    System Sensitivity (1w @ 1m)
    : 95 dB
    Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
    Maximum SPL(1m)
    : 118 dB (124 dB peak)
    300W (1200W peak), 2 hrs
    : 200 W/400 W/800 W
    2 hr Power Rating
    System Power Rating (AES):
    300W (1200W peak), 2 hrs
    Coverage Pattern: 90° x 50° (H x V)
    Crossover: 1.8 kHz
    Low frequency driver: 1 x 10" woofer (P/N: 5050692), 258 mm (10 in)
    driver with 66 mm (2.5 in) voice-coil
    High frequency driver: 1 x 2408H-2 driver with 25 mm (1 in) exit/35 mm (1.5
    in) voice-coil
    Input Connector: Dual Neutrik NL4MP connectors plus covered bar-
    rier trip terminals
    Enclosure: 15 mm multi-ply hardwood plywood
    Grille: Powder coated, 1.5mm perforated steel, with acous-
    tically transparent black foam backing
    Finish: Textured black paint nish. White (-WH) available
    upon request. Not available with WRC & WRX
    Suspension / Mounting: 14 x M10 and 4 x M10 for Wall Mount Bracket.
    Optional U-bracket, overhead suspension bracket, and
    wall-mount bracket
    Dimensions (H x W x D): 535 mm x 310 mm x 329 mm
    21.0 in x 12.2 in x 12.9 in
    Net Weight: 13.1 kg (28.8 lbs)
    JBL continually engages in research related to product improvement. Some
    materials, production methods and design renements are introduced into
    existing products without notice as a routine expression of that philosophy.
    For this reason, any current JBL product may dier in some respect from
    its published description, but will always equal or exceed the original
    design specications unless otherwise stated.
    1 Full space (4π) conditions
    2 Calculated maximum SPL based on rated power handling
    3. IEC shaped pink noise with 6dB CF for 100hrs
    4 AES standard, one decade pink noise with 6 dB crest factor within device’s operational band, free air. Standard AES 2 hr rating
    plus long-term 100 hr rating are specied for low-frequency transducers.

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