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  • AWC15LF

    All-Weather Compact

    Low-Frequency Speaker

    with 15" LF

    Key Features:

    Low frequency reinforcement for outdoor
    Highly weather-resistant IP56 rating
    • 380 mm (15 in) woofer with Kevlar-
    reinforced cone and 75 mm (3 in)
    voice coil.
    500 Watt power handling (average
    continuous pink noise)
    Frequency range down to 45 Hz
    300 Watt 70V/100V multi-tap transformer
    or direct 8 low-impedance.


    The AWC15LF is a compact highly
    weather resistant loudspeaker for
    augmenting the low frequency capability
    of a sound system. AWC15LF is ideal for
    many applications, including sports
    facilities, racetracks, stadiums, fairgrounds,
    rodeos, skating rinks, themed
    entertainment venues, cruise ships, water
    parks, outdoor background music systems,
    swimming pools, and a wide variety of
    other outdoor and indoor venue types.
    The AWC15LF utilizes a high-power,
    long-excursion 380 mm (15 in) low
    frequency driver with Kevlar-reinforced
    cone for reliability, well-damped surround
    for smoother frequency response, high
    temperature 75 mm (3 in) voice coil and a
    reduced distortion design through
    saturated-gap magnet geometry.
    The paintable enclosure is constructed
    of thick ABS plus fiberglass and is heavily
    braced to maximize low-frequency
    performance. The corrosion-resistant zinc-
    rich extra-thick powder-coated steel grille
    is backed with open cell foam and tight-
    weave mesh, providing a high level of
    protection against water incursion in harsh
    environments. The system is rated IP-56,
    per IEC529 when installed at minimum 5°
    The AWC15LF is equipped with a 300W
    70V/100V multi-tap transformer.
    Connection is made via outdoor-rated
    terminals in a recessed terminal cup. A
    protective terminal compartment cover is
    included, along with gland nut, which
    forms a water-tight seal with round-
    jacketed cable within the specified range
    of diameters.
    A heavy-duty zinc-rich, thick powder-
    coated U-type mounting bracket in


    Frequency Range (-10 dB)
    : 45 Hz – 2.2 kHz
    Frequency Response (±3 dB)
    : 70 Hz – 1.2 kHz
    Long-Term System Power Rating (IEC)
    : 500 W (2000 W peak), 2 hrs.
    350 W (1400 W peak), 100 hrs.
    Sensitivity (2.83V @ 1m): 94 dB (Ave. 80 Hz – 300 Hz)
    Maximum SPL
    : Direct 8: 121 dB (peaks of 127 dB)
    300 W Tap: 119 dB (peaks of 125 dB)
    Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (in Direct mode)
    Transformer Taps: 70V: 300W, 150W, 75W, 38W
    100V: 300W, 150W, 75W
    Low Frequency Driver: 380 mm (15 in), Kevlar-reinforced cone, with weather
    treatment, 75 mm (3 in) voice coil, long throw.
    Enclosure: ABS with Glass enclosure, heavily braced
    Attachment: Two M10 (course-thread) points for included U-bracket.
    M6 secondary safety attachment point on back panel.
    Grille: Corrosion-resistant zinc-rich extra-thick powder coated
    steel grille, 3-layer assembly with foam and woven poly
    mesh backing.
    Input Connection: CE-compliant covered barrier strip terminals. Barrier
    terminals accept up to 8 mm outside 4 mm inside open-
    lug (#6 or #8) plus bare wire up to 2.5 mm
    (12 AWG)
    wire or spade lugs. Terminal compartment cover
    equipped with gland nut that forms water-tight seal with
    round-jacketed cables with outside diameters between
    4.0 mm (0.16") and 9.0 mm (0.36")
    Environmental: IP56 per IEC529, with a minimum 5° downward aiming
    angle. Exceeds Mil Spec 810 for humidity, salt spray,
    temperature & UV, and ASTM G85 for salt spray
    (168 hrs).
    Dimensions: 486 x 486 x 479 mm (19.1 x 19.1 x 18.8), cabinet
    507 mm (19.9 in) depth with gland nut
    546 mm (21.5 in) including bracket extending to back
    Net Weight: 20.2 kg (44.5 lb), 23 kg (50.5 lb) with U-bracket
    Shipping Weight: 27 kg (59.5 lb)
    Included Accessories: U-bracket, matches loudspeaker color (gray or black),
    zinc-rich extra-thick powder coated, steel.
    Full-space (free-field)
    AES standard, one octave pink noise with 6 dB crest factor.
    Calculated based on power rating and measured full-space sensitivity.
    JBL continually engages in research related to product improvement. Changes introduced into existing products without notice
    are an expression of that philosophy.

    Professional Series

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