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JBL Control 65P/T
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    JBL’s exclusive conical Radiation Boundary
    (RBI) technology provides
    consistent and wide 120° coverage of the
    listening area.
    Coaxial design featuring 130 mm (5¼ in)
    woofer and 20 mm (¾ in) soft-dome tweeter.
    Hanging hardware with 4.5 m (15 foot)
    galvanized steel cable and easy to adjust
    Stylish design, available in black or white
    UL listed (speaker and hanging cable system).
    8 ohm and 70V/100V operation.


    The Control 65P/T is a compact full-range,
    two-way pendant-type loudspeaker that provides
    superb sound reproduction and very consistent,
    wide coverage for rooms with open architecture
    ceilings and other locations where a pendant
    form factor is desired.
    JBL’s patent-pending Radiation Boundary
    (RBI) technology, adapted from the
    groundbreaking V
    ERTEC™ Series of line array
    loudspeakers, delivers consistent coverage of the
    listening area. Combining a large 200 mm (8 in)
    diameter waveguide with low-frequency
    projection apertures, the two coaxially-mounted
    drivers provide a seamless integration of
    coverage, resulting in extremely even pattern
    control and coverage where all listeners hear a
    consistent, high-fidelity sound quality. The wide
    120° coverage pattern allows for the use of
    fewer speakers, reducing the cost of the
    installed system without sacrificing performance.
    Excellent sound quality coupled with stylish
    design and easy installation makes the Control
    65P/T ideal for a wide variety of applications
    including retail, restaurants, hotels, casinos,
    fitness centers, convention centers, exhibit
    spaces, conference rooms, atriums, museums,
    transit centers and other open-ceiling
    The Control 65P/T includes a single-point
    mounting system for easy and secure suspension
    in open-ceiling applications. Two complete
    hanging cable systems are included, providing
    both main and safety suspension cables. Include
    are extra-long 4.5 m (15 foot) high tensile
    galvanized steel wire rope having spring clips
    for the loudspeaker end of the cable and UL
    listed cable fasteners for infinitely adjustable
    suspension height.
    The system’s 130 mm (5¼ in) low-frequency
    driver features a polypropylene-coated cone and
    25 mm (1 in) copper voice coil with vented
    fiberglass resin coil-former for high power
    handling and improved long-term reliability. The
    coaxially-mounted 20 mm (¾ in) textile soft-
    dome high frequency driver features internal
    damping for smooth extended response, along
    with an aluminum voice coil former and
    neodymium magnet assembly with ferro-fluid
    cooling, for high-fidelity sound quality with
    enhanced long-term sound level capability.
    The Control 65P/T contains a high-quality 60
    Watt multi-tap transformer for use on 70V/100V
    distributed loudspeaker lines, and is switchable
    for 8-ohm voice-coil direct operation.
    Euro-style clip-in connectors allow for easy
    wiring. For protected outdoor applications,
    rubber boots are included to cover the input
    connectors, and an optional terminal cover is
    available for harsher locations.


    Frequency Response (-10 dB)
    : 55 Hz – 20 kHz
    Frequency Range (±3 dB)
    : 78 Hz – 18 kHz
    Power Capacity
    : 75 Watts Continuous Pink Noise Power (with 300 Watts peaks)
    150 Watts Continuous Program Power
    Nominal Sensitivity: 86 dB
    Nominal Coverage Angle
    : 120° (+20°/-10°)
    Directivity (Q)
    : 5.3
    Directivity Index (DI)
    :7.2 dB
    Rated Maximum SPL @ 1m: 105 dB continuous pink noise, 111 dB peak
    Rated Impedance: 8 ohms
    Transformer Taps: 70V: 60W, 30W, 15W & 7.5W
    100V: 60W, 30W, 15W
    Transformer Insertion Loss: 0.5 dB @ 7.5 W, 0.5 dB @ 15 W, 0.6 dB @ 30 W, 0.7 dB @ 60 W
    LF Driver: 130 mm (5¼ in) polypropylene-coated paper with pure butyl rubber
    surround, 25 mm (1 in) copper voice coil, vented fiberglass resin
    voice coil-former
    HF Driver: 20 mm (¾ in) textile soft-dome, neodymium magnet assembly,
    ferro-fluid cooling, aluminum voice coil former
    Enclosure Material: High impact polystyrene
    Grille: Zinc-plated steel grille with powder-coat finish, foam backing
    (removable for painting)
    Environmental: Exceeds Mil Spec 810 for humidity, salt spray, temperature & UV.
    IP44 capability per IEC 529 – splashproof rating.
    Termination: Two removable locking euro-block 2-pin connectors with screw-
    down terminals for bare wire. Connectors paralleled for input and
    loop-thru. Max. wire 12 AWG (2.5 mm2). Rubber terminal covers
    Suspension: Two identical suspension systems (one as main suspension cable
    and the other as safety cable), each consisting of 4.5 m (15 ft) long
    2 mm (0.077 in) high-tensile galvanized-steel wire rope suspension
    cable with spring-clips for clipping onto the loudspeaker bracket
    and Gripple™ brand adjustable-height cable fasteners for infinitely
    adjustable height. Cables have SWL rating of 45 kg (99 lb).
    Safety Agency Ratings: Speaker listed per UL1480, transformer registered per UL1876. In
    accordance with IEC60849/EN60849. Suspension system and
    -brand cable fastener listed per UL1598 and UL2239, TUV,
    and CSA Class 3426-01 & Class 3426-81.
    Dimensions: 234 mm (9.3 in) diameter x 259 mm (10.2 in) height to top of
    cabinet. 279 mm (11.0 in) to top of suspension bracket.
    Net Weight (ea): 3.7 kg (8 lbs)
    Shipping Weight (pair): 8.7 kg (19 lbs)
    IIncluded Accessories: Two suspension cable systems (see “Suspension”, above), two 2-pin
    removable locking euro-block connectors, two rubber covers for
    euro-block connectors.
    Optional Accessories: MTC-PC60 top panel / terminal cover
    Colors: Available in black or white (-WH). Paintable.
    Full-space (suspended)
    Continuous Pink Noise rating is IEC-shaped pink noise with a 6 dB peak-to-average crest factor for 100 hours
    continuously. Continuous Program power is a conservative expression of the system’s ability to handle normal speech
    and music program material and is defined as 3 dB above the Continuous Pink Noise rating.
    Full-space (suspend in free air), average 1 kHz to 10 kHz.
    JBL continually engages in research related to product improvement. Changes introduced into existing products without
    notice are an expression of that philosophy.

    Compact Full-Range

    Pendant Loudspeaker

    with RBI

    Professional Series




    Shown with included grille removed
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JBL Control 65P/T

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