Omron MC-341

Omron MC-341 käyttöohje

    This is not an error so it may be ignored and the temperature taken.
    Cool the sensing section and then take the temperature.
    Displayed when the temperature of the sensing section is less than
    32°C (89.6°F).
    Displayed when the temperature of the sensing section is greater
    than 42°C (107.6°F).
    This is not an error, so the temperature may be taken as is.
    Displayed when the surrounding temperature exceeds
    32°C (89.6°F).
    If possible, a full probe cover covering all sections should be used. Replace the probe cover with a new one after each use.
    Probe covers are included with the thermometer, place a probe cover carefully over the tip.
    1. Press the button.
    A default temperature 37.0°C (98.6°F) is shown
    up on display.
    When a temperature other than 37.0°C (98.6°F)
    is displayed, please refer to the
    “TROUBLESHOOTING” section for details to correct the
    2. Apply the thermometer to the measurement site.
    Use the oral, rectal or underarm site for measurement.
    Even if the “L” indicator fails to display (when only the
    temperature is displayed),
    this is not an error. So the
    temperature may be taken as is.
    3. For Oral and rectal measurement:
    When the reading is ready, the thermometer will emit a
    [beep-beep-beep] sound three times. Remove the thermometer
    from the measurement site and read the result.
    For underarm, please continue to hold for 2 - 5 minutes to
    complete the measurement.
    The buzzer notification timing is based on an environmental temperature of 23 degrees without the probe cover.
    There will be individual differences in
    the measurement results.
    4. Turn off the thermometer and store it in the protective case.
    The reading will automatically be stored in memory.
    Although the thermometer will automatically switch itself off 30 minutes after use or after 3 minutes when it has not been used; it should be
    turned off manually to conserve the battery.
    Underarm : approx. 25 secondsRectal : approx. 10 secondsOral : approx. 20 seconds
    Thank you for purchasing Omron Digital Thermometer.
    The thermometer you purchased offers a safe, accurate and quick temperature reading. You can measure your temperature through oral, rectal or
    underarm. This thermometer eliminates any worries about broken glass or mercury hazards. Note that your temperature is affected by smoking, eating
    or drinking. Thoroughly read this instruction manual before using your OMRON MC-341 Digital Thermometer. We recommend that you practice
    taking your temperature with the thermometer. In this way you will gain confidence in your technique when using the thermometer. Contact your doctor
    if you have any questions regarding specific temperatures.
    To assure the correct use of the product basic safety, measures should always be followed including the precautions listed below.
    A high or prolonged fever requires medical attention, especially for young children. Please contact your doctor.
    Carefully read and follow the enclosed instructions to ensure accurate temperature readings. Note that temperature readings are affected by many
    factors including physical exertion, the drinking of hot or cold beverages before measurement, as well as measuring technique.
    Please keep still during measurement.
    The use of temperature readings for self-diagnosis is dangerous. Consult with your doctor for the interpretation of results. Self-diagnosis may lead to
    the worsening of existing disease conditions.
    This thermometer is used for taking temperatures through oral, rectal or underarm. Do not attempt to take temperatures at other sites, such as in the
    ear, as it may result in false readings and may lead to injury.
    Store the thermometer out of the reach of children. Do not allow children to take their temperatures unattended. Children may injure themselves when
    attempting to take temperatures without supervision.
    Do not leave the battery, battery cover or probe cover where children can get to them. Children may swallow them. Should a child swallow the
    battery, battery cover or probe cover, contact a doctor immediately.
    Do not attempt measurements when the thermometer is wet as inaccurate readings may result.
    Do not bite on the thermometer. Doing so may lead to breakage and/or injury.
    Do not share the thermometer among individuals.
    Do not attempt to disassemble or repair the thermometer. Doing so may result in inaccurate readings.
    Do not attempt to incinerate the battery. It may burst.
    Pay attention to polarity (+ –) when replacing the battery. Failure to do so may lead to fluid leakage, heat generation or bursting, resulting in damage
    to the unit.
    Remove the battery when the thermometer will not be used for 3 months or more. Failure to do so may lead to fluid leakage, heat generation or
    bursting, resulting in damage to the unit.
    Do not use mobile phones near the thermometer.
    Do not use the thermometer in places
    where strong static electricity or electromagnetic fields are present. Doing so may lead to inaccurate readings
    and may contribute to instrument failure.
    Do not force the thermometer into the rectum. Stop insertion and abort the measurement when pain is present. Failure to do so may lead to injury.
    Do not attempt rectal measurements on persons with rectal disorders. Doing so may aggravate or worsen the disorder.
    Do not step on the unit or the hard case.
    Do not attempt to disinfect the sensing section of the thermometer by immersing in alcohol or in hot water (water over 50°C).
    Failure to use a probe cover may lead to bacteria and viral infection.
    Do not use the thermometer to measure anything other than human body temperatures.
    Do not drop the thermometer and protective case or expose them to shock or vibration.
    Do not store the thermometer in the protective case when it is damp. Wipe it off with a dry cloth first.
    Avoid taking the temperature until after 30 minutes has lapsed after exercise, bathing or eating/drinking.
    Display Window
    All of the display symbols
    The most recently measured
    temperature is displayed
    together with the M indicator.
    Waiting for use.
    When the [°C (°F)] indicator
    symbol blinks, the
    thermometer is ready for use.
    Temperature measurement
    will commence and the
    [°C (°F)] indicator symbol will
    The [°C (°F)] indicator symbol
    will stop blinking and stay on
    when the reading is ready.
    Indicator stays lit
    Model MC-341
    Accessory: Protective Case
    Press the button for 7 seconds until a beep is emitted.
    The display will change to the other measurement scale at the
    time when the beep sounds.
    All of the display symbols
    After 5 seconds
    After 2 seconds
    °C to °F
    °F to °C
    35.0 37.2 38.3 39.4 40.6
    36.7 37.8 38.9 40.0
    95 99 101 103 105
    98 100 102 104
    The thermometer will
    automatically switch itself off.
    Taking the temperature immediately after exercising,
    bathing, eating or drinking will result in an incorrect
    Correct: Wait at least 30 minutes before taking the
    Taking the temperature after moving around.
    Correct: Take the temperature immediately after waking up
    or wait for at least 30 minutes after moving around.
    * Moving around after awakening increases the body
    - Only applies when taking underarm
    temperatures -
    The following may result in incorrect measurements.
    Heavy underarm perspiration
    Taking the temperature after being under the blankets
    for a long time.
    Correct: Wipe off any underarm perspiration before
    taking the temperature.
    Turn the display so
    that it faces
    Measurement accuracy cannot be assured when the method used to measure the temperature is incorrect.
    ORAL USE (for ages 4 and older):
    The mouth should remain closed up to 5 minutes before attempting a reading.
    Place the thermometer in the mouth under the tongue so that it rests to the left or right of the root of the
    Use downward tongue pressure to hold the thermometer in place.
    Hold the thermometer to keep it from sliding around in the mouth.
    The display section
    is faced upwards.
    Placement Points
    Root of
    Place the probe tip in the center of the armpit.
    Lock the probe tip under the arm, using the arm to slightly apply
    pressure inwards.
    * In the case of infants and very young children, gently hold the
    arm to prevent movement.
    The angle should be 35-
    45 degrees in relation
    to the arm.
    Thermometer Angle
    3. Insert the new battery with the “+” pole
    facing up as shown in the diagram.
    Battery: Alkaline-Manganese Button Battery LR41 (available commercially)
    Battery Replacement Indicator ( )
    Replace the battery when the battery replacement indicator appears when the thermometer is switched on.
    Battery Cover
    The “+” mark
    faces upwards
    1. Use a coin to take off the battery cover.
    4. Use a coin to replace the battery cover.
    The thermometer comes fitted with a battery for testing purposes.
    This battery may not provide the same amount of battery life as a
    new battery.
    Consult your local authorities and follow their instructions for the
    disposal of batteries and/or the thermometer.
    Do not loose the O-ring around the battery
    cover. Water-resistant will fail and can lead
    to misreading and failure of the unit.
    2. Remove the battery.
    Press the button to display the temperature that was measured most recently.
    For details, please refer to the “TAKING THE TEMPERATURE” section.
    Keep the thermometer clean.
    Do not use strong jets of water to clean the thermometer or leave it immersed in water for
    long periods of time.
    Wipe the thermometer with a soft clean cloth.
    When using alcohol to clean the thermometer, make sure that it does not come into contact
    with the indicator section.
    For stubborn stains, wipe the thermometer with a cloth that has been dampened with water or
    a neutral detergent solution and then wring thoroughly. Finish by wiping with a soft dry cloth.
    Observe the following to prevent damage to the thermometer.
    - Do not use benzene, thinner, gasoline or other strong solvents to clean the thermometer.
    - Do not soak the sensing section in alcohol for long periods of time or attempt to sterilize it
    using hot water (water at a temperature of 50°C (122°F) or higher).
    - Do not use ultrasonic washing to clean the thermometer.
    Store the thermometer in its protective case.
    Do not store the thermometer in the following types of
    places. Doing so may damage the thermometer.
    - Wet locations.
    - Locations with high heat and humidity or those that are
    exposed to direct sunlight. Areas close to heating
    equipment, dusty locations, or environments where
    there are high salt concentrations in the air.
    - Locations where the unit will be subjected to leaning,
    shock or vibration.
    - Pharmaceutical storage areas or locations where
    corrosive gases are present.
    Check to see that the thermometer is being placed at
    the location as described in the “CORRECT
    MEASUREMENT” section.
    • The temperature sensing part of the thermometer is being
    placed at a different location for each reading.
    • The thermometer is moved while the temperature is
    being taken.
    • The mouth is kept open while the measurement is in
    Wide differences in readings
    Take out the battery and replace using the correct
    The polarity is reversed.
    Nothing appears in the display
    section when the power switch is
    Check to see if appears in the display section.
    Replace with a new battery (LR41).
    The battery is depleted.
    The thermometer may be used as it is.
    A temperature from [36.9°C (98.4°F)] to [37.1°C (98.8°F)]
    is displayed.
    [37.0°C (98.6°F)] is not displayed
    during the measurement
    preparation period.
    Please contact your nearest authorized OMRON
    A temperature other than that in the range from
    [36.9°C (98.4°F)] to [37.1°C (98.8°F)] is displayed, even
    after turning the thermometer on and off several times.
    Measurement Range: 32.0 to 42.0°C (89.6 to 107.6°F)
    Usage Environment Surrounding temperature +10 to +40°C (+50 to +104°F), Relative Humidity 30-85%RH
    Temp and Humidity:
    Storage Environment Surrounding temperature -20 to +60°C (–4 to +140°F), Relative Humidity 10-95%RH
    Temp and Humidity:
    Weight: Approx. 12g (with battery installed)
    External Dimensions: 19.4 mm (w) × 132.5 mm (l) × 10.0 mm (d)
    Accessories: Test Battery (Alkaline-Manganese Button Battery LR41), Protective Case, Instruction Sheet, 5 Probe Covers.
    The specifications may be changed without prior notice.
    This OMRON product is produced under the strict quality system of OMRON HEALTHCARE Co., Ltd., Japan.
    Always use a probe cover when taking rectal measurements.
    Commonly used for young children when it is difficult to take an oral or underarm temperature.
    Lubricate with a water-soluble gel. Do not use petroleum jelly.
    Gently insert the probe tip no more than 1.3 cm into the rectum. Do not force the tip into the rectum if resistance is encountered.
    Disinfect the thermometer after use.
    Probe Tip
    This device fulfills the provisions of the EC directive
    93/42/EEC (Medical Device Directive) and the European
    Standard EN12470-3:2000, Clinical thermometers - Part 3:
    Performance of compact electrical thermometers (non-
    predictive and predictive) with maximum device.
    53, Kunotsubo, Terado-cho, Muko, Kyoto
    617-0002 JAPAN
    Scorpius 33, 2132 LR Hoofddorp
    Dalian, China
    438A Alexandra Road, #05-05/08, Alexandra Technopark
    Singapore 119967
    Read the instruction in this manual carefully.
    Production Facility
    Product Name: DIGITAL THERMOMETER MC-341
    Power Consumption: 0.1mW
    Sensing Unit: Thermistor
    Temperature Display: 3-digit, +°C (°F) display in 0.1 degree increments
    Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.1°C (32.0 to 42.0°C)
    ± 0.2°F (89.6 to 107.6°F)
    (when measured at a standard room temperature of 23°C
    (73.4°F) in a test tank held at constant temperature)
    Power Supply: 1.5V DC, 1 LR41 Alkaline-Manganese Button Battery
    Battery Life: Approx. 2 years or more (3 times per day)
    Measurement Method: Actual measurement
    Protection Against Internally powered ME equipment
    Electric Shock:
    =Type B
    Applied Part:
    Asia Pacific HQ
    MC-341-C1_C_M.qxd 10.12.29 1:33 PM Page 1
    * 25 seconds is the earliest estimated temperature indication. To complete the measurement, it is required to measure the temperature
    in the underarm between 2 - 5 minutes (depending on the ambient temperature and condition).
Omron MC-341

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Omron MC-341 – tekniset tiedot

Tuotemerkki Omron
Malli MC-341
Tuote Kuumemittari
EAN 4015672104891
Kieli Engels, Chinees
Tiedoston tyyppi PDF
Joustava pää Ei
Malli Kosketus
Muistitoiminto Kyllä
Lämpömittarin sijainti Oral,Rectal,Underarm
Mittaustilat Ruumiinlämpötila
Mittayksikkö °C,°F
Ruumiinlämmön mittausväli 32 - 42 °C
Mittausaika 10 s
Ruumiinlämmön mittaustarkkuus 0.1 °C
Näyttö LCD
Taustavalaistu näyttö Ei
Ohjaustyyppi Painikkeet
Kansi Kyllä
Tuotteen väri Grey,White
Summeri Kyllä
Vedenpitävä Kyllä
Akkutyyppi AG3/LR41/SR41
Akun jännite 1.5 V
Akkuteknologia Alkali
Paino ja mitat
Tuotteen leveys 19.4 mm
Tuotteen syvyys 10 mm
Tuotteen korkeus 132.5 mm
Paino 12 g
Käyttölämpötila (T-T) 10 - 40 °C
Varastointilämpötila 30 - 85 °C
Käytön suhteellinen kosteus (H-H) -20 - 60
Säilytysympäristön kosteus 10 - 95
Pakkauksen sisältö
Käyttöopas Kyllä
Säilytyskotelo Kyllä
Sisältää paristot Kyllä

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