Panasonic WV-SPW532L

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  • Included Installation Instructions
    PoE device (hub)
    Adjustment monitor
    Ethernet cable
    (category 5e or better, straight)
    PGQX1993VA sL0915-4109 Printed in China
    Stretch the tape to approx. twice its length (see the
    illustration) and wind it around the cable. Insufficient
    tape stretch causes insufficient waterproofing.
    To prevent the Ethernet cable hook from coming
    loose easily, fit the LAN connector cover (
    : accessory)
    onto the pigtail cable as illustrated, and then slide it in
    the direction indicated by the arrow. The connector of
    the Ethernet cable used with this camera must meet
    the following restrictions.
    Height when inserted (From bottom to hook.):
    Max. 16 mm {5/8 inches}
    Connector width: Max. 14 mm {9/16 inches}
    To install this product outdoors, be sure to waterproof
    the cables. Waterproof grade (IEC IP66 or equiva-
    lent) is applied to this product only when it is installed
    correctly as described in these operating instructions
    and appropriate waterproof treatment is applied. The
    camera mount bracket and camera arm are not
    Installation Guide
    Network Camera
    Model No.
    WV-SPW532L / WV-SPW312L
    This manual describes the installation procedures, network camera installation, cable
    connections, and eld-of-view adjustment.
    Before reading this manual, be sure to read the Important Information.
    This manual describes how to install the network camera using model WV-SPW532L as
    an example.
    Parts and functions
    The component names of the camera are as follows. Refer to the illustration when
    installing or adjusting the camera.
    Standard accessories Making connections
    Important Information ............................... 1 pc.
    Warranty card ........................................... 1 set
    Code label
    .............................................. 1 pc.
    Installation Guide (this document) ............ 1 set
    ................................................. 1 pc.
    The CD-ROM contains the operating instructions and different kinds of tool software programs.
    *2 This label may be required for network management. The network administrator shall retain
    the code label.
    A Template ......................................... 1 Sheet
    B LAN connector cover ........................... 1 pc.
    C Safety wire ........................................... 1 pc.
    D Wire lug fixing screw
    M3 × 10 mm {3/8 inches} ................... 2 pcs.
    (of them, 1 for spare)
    E Safety wire lug ..................................... 1 pc.
    F Auxiliary handle .................................... 1 pc.
    G Desiccant .........................................1 Sheet
    H Waterproof tape ................................... 1 pc.
    Turn off each system’s power supply before making a connection. Before making connections,
    prepare the required peripheral devices and cables.
    Use all 4 pairs (8 pins) of the Ethernet cable (category 5e or better, straight).
    The maximum cable length is 100 m {328 feet}.
    Make sure that the PoE device in use is compliant with IEEE802.3af standard.
    When the Ethernet cable is disconnected once, reconnect the cable after around 2
    seconds. When the cable is quickly reconnected, the power may not be supplied
    from the PoE device.
    When cables are used outdoors, there is a chance that they may be affected by light-
    ning. In this case, install a lightning arrester just before where the Ethernet cable
    connects to the camera.
    Connect an Ethernet cable (category 5e or better, straight)
    Waterproof treatment for the cable joint sections
    Adequate waterproof treatment is required for the cables when installing the camera with
    cables exposed or installing it under the eaves.
    The camera body is waterproof, but
    the cable ends are not waterproof.
    Be sure to use the supplied
    waterproof tape at the points where
    the cables are connected to apply
    waterproof treatment in the following
    Failure to observe this or use of
    a tape other than the provided
    waterproof tape (such as a vinyl tape)
    may cause water leakage resulting in malfunction.
    When connecting to a network using a PoE hub
    Before starting the installation, check the entire system conguration.
    The following illustration gives a wiring example of how to connect the camera to the network via
    a PoE device (hub).
    Stretch the tape to
    approx. twice its length.
    The adjustment monitor is used to adjust the field of view when installing or servicing
    the camera. It is not provided for recording/monitoring use.
    Depending on the adjustment monitor, some characters (camera title, preset ID, etc.)
    may not be displayed on the screen.
    Use a switching hub or a router which is compliant with 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX.
    The hook engages
    with the connector
    LAN connector cover
    : accessory)
    *1 SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card is described as SD memory card.
    *2 Depending on the scanning application used, the Data Matrix may not be
    able to be read correctly. In this case, access the site by directly entering the
    following URL.
    <Required cable>
    Ethernet cable (category 5e or better, straight)
    Use an Ethernet cable (category 5e or better, cross) when directly connecting the camera to a PC.
    For U.S. and Canada:
    Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions
    Corporation of America
    800 Gessner Rd, Suite 700 Houston, TX 77024
    Panasonic Canada Inc.
    5770 Ambler Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 2T3 Canada
    For Europe and other countries:
    Panasonic Corporation
    Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd.
    Fukuoka, Japan
    Authorised Representative in EU:
    Panasonic Testing Centre
    Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
    Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
    The following parts are used during installation procedures.
    RJ45 (female)
    Network cable
    Ethernet cable
    (category 5e or better,
    © Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions Co., Ltd. 2019
    <Ethernet cable>
    Wind the tape in a
    half-overlapping manner.
    Waterproof tape
    (H: accessory)
    Auto focus (AF)
    matrix barcode
    (Data Matrix):
    To our website*
    When the camera is able to communicate with the Lights orange
    connected device
    LINK indicator
    When data is being sent via the network camera Blinks green (accessing)
    ACT indicator
    When AF (Auto Focus) operation is being executed
    Blinks red (about once per second)
    When the camera is being started Lights red
    When an SD memory card
    is recognized normally
    Lights red → Lights off
    When the SD memory card slot is not used or an abnormality Lights red → Stays red
    is detected in SD memory card after the camera has started
    SD ERROR/AF indicator
    When an SD memory card is inserted and could Lights off → Blinks green →
    be recognized Lights off
    When data can be saved after the SD memory card is inserted Lights off → Lights green
    and the SD ON/OFF button is pressed (for less than 1 second)
    When data can be saved to the SD memory card Lights green
    When the SD memory card is removed after holding down
    Lights green → Blinks green →
    the SD ON/OFF button for about 2 seconds Lights off (recording)
    Lights green →
    Lights off (waiting for recording)
    When data cannot be saved to the SD memory card because Lights off
    an abnormality was detected or the SD memory card is
    configured not to be used
    SD MOUNT indicator
    ● How to initialize the camera
    Follow the steps below to initialize the network camera.
    1 Turn o the power of the camera. When using a PoE hub, disconnect the Ethernet cable from the
    Turn on the power of the camera while holding down the INITIAL SET button, and keep the INITIAL
    SET button held down till the SD MOUNT indicator is lit in green (more than 10 seconds). In about
    2 minutes after releasing the INITIAL SET button, the camera will start up and the settings including
    the network settings will be initialized.
    ● When the INITIAL SET button (i.e. the initializing button) is pressed (less than 1 second) to switch
    the output signal of the MONITOR OUT terminal (NTSC
    PAL output), the MONITOR OUT terminal
    can be switched for the NTSC monitor/PAL monitor.
    When the camera is initialized, the settings including the network settings will be initialized.
    Note that the CRT key (SSL encryption key) used for the HTTPS protocol will not be initialized.
    Before initializing the settings, it is recommended to write down the settings in advance.
    Do not turn off the power of the camera during the process of initialization. Otherwise, it
    may fail to initialize and may cause malfunction.
    INITIAL SET button (Initializing / NTSC
    PAL switch button)
    1 When the SD ON/OFF button is pressed for less than 1 second, the SD MOUNT indicator is lit
    green and data can be saved to the SD memory card.
    2 When the SD ON/OFF button is held down for about 2 seconds, the SD MOUNT indicator goes
    out, and the SD memory card can be removed.
    SD ON/OFF button
    TILT lock screw
    Front cover
    Safety wire (C: accessory)
    Camera mount
    Camera Arm
    PAN lock screw
    [2] Remove the front cover
    Step 1 Before starting the installation
    The installation tasks
    are explained using
    5 steps.
    Tear off the blue tape attached on camera arm before installing the camera.
    Prepare the required parts for installation method before starting the installation. The
    following is the requirements for the installation method.
    Installation method
    Minimum pull-
    out strength
    Directly mount the camera onto the ceiling or
    wall (when there is a space for wiring in the
    ceiling or the wall)
    M4 screws × 3
    724 N {163 lbf}
    (per 1 pc.)
    *1 To mount the camera onto the ceiling or wall, the safety wire (C: accessory)
    must be attached. Have an M6 bolt and nut or anchor (with the minimum pull-
    out strength of 724 N {163 lbf}) ready for securing the safety wire.
    Step 1
    Before starting the
    Step 2
    Step 3
    Fixing the camera
    Step 4
    Adjusting the camera
    Step 5
    Congure the network
    For the screws or anchor bolts used in the above method, be sure to secure the mini-
    mum pull-out strength of 724 N {163 lbf} per screw or bolt.
    Select screws according to the material of the ceiling or wall that the camera will be
    mounted to. In this case, wood screws and nails should not be used.
    If a ceiling or wall board such as plaster board is too weak to support the total weight,
    the area shall be sufficiently reinforced.
    Because the front cover is temporarily removed when installing or adjusting the camera,
    make sure no liquid enters the camera at these times.
    Loosen the 4 front cover fixing screws, and then remove the front cover.
    Pass the safety wire (
    : accessory)
    through the wire mounting hole in
    the safety wire lug (E
    Wire mounting hole
    Front cover fixing screws
    Front cover
    [1] Attaching the safety wire
    Step 2 Preparation
    Safety wire lug
    : accessory)
    Safety wire
    : accessory)
    Wire fitting
    Wire lug fixing screw
    : accessory)
    Safety wire lug
    : accessory)
    2 Fit the Safety wire lug to the camera.
    Recommended tightening torque:
    0.59 N·m {0.44 lbf·ft}
    * The safety wire is not shown in the
    subsequent illustrations.
    YAW lock screw
    Name plate
    Zoom knob
    MONITOR OUT jack
    (Video Out terminal
    For NTSC monitor)
    SD memory card slot
    IR LED
Panasonic WV-SPW532L

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Panasonic WV-SPW532L – tekniset tiedot

Tuotemerkki Panasonic
Malli WV-SPW532L
Tuote Valvontakamera
EAN 4010869211277, 4549077602268, 0885170265479
Kieli Englanti
Tiedoston tyyppi PDF
Tuetut videomuodot H.264
Videon pakkausformaatit H.264
Melun vähentäminen
Full HD
Enimmäiserottelutarkkuus 2048 x 1536pikseliä
Kuvataajuus 30fps
Tuetut grafiikan erottelutarkkuudet 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080), 2048 x 1536 (QXGA)
Tuetut videomoodit 1080p
LED-malli IR
Automaattinen tarkennus
Aukon maksimikoko 1.6
Polttovälialue (f-f) 2.8 - 10mm
Optinen zoomaus 3.6x
Sisäinen HDD
Integroitu kortinlukija
Yhteensopivat muistikortit SD, SDHC, SDXC
Tietoturva-algoritmit SSL/TLS
International Protection (IP)-koodi IP66
Suojaustoiminnot Dust resistant, Water resistant
Kotelo Bullet
Tuotteen väri Kromi
Kiinnitystyyppi Ceiling/Wall
Anturin tyyppi MOS
Optisen sensorin koko 1/3 2011-05-04 11:27:54 2012-06-08 13:40:02 3162 16 18
Malli IP-turvakamera
Tuettu sijoitus Sisätila ja ulkotila
Yhteysteknologia Langallinen
Pienin valaistus 0.07lx
Kallistuskulma -90 - 90°
Kiertoalue -90 - 90°
Power over Ethernet -tuki
Virtalähteen malli PoE
Ethernet LAN
Wi-Fi -
Pakkauksen sisältö
Kameroiden lukumäärä 1

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