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Westone UM Pro 30
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  • Insertion Instructions

    Before inserting the monitor, turn down the volume on your sound
    source and either drape the cord over your shoulders and down your
    back, or run the cord down in front. The monitors are marked with (R)
    and (L); (R) for the right ear, (L) for the left. If you have selected a foam
    eartip, compress the foam by rolling it between your  ngers ( g. 1). If
    using a silicone STAR tip, the instructions are the same except that there
    is no need to compress the tips. With the body of the monitor toward
    the back of your ear and the cord facing forward, insert the eartip into
    your ear canal before the foam expands back to its original shape ( g.2). If
    you have trouble inserting the monitor, reach over your head with your
    opposite hand and gently pull up and back on the top of your ear before
    inserting the eartip. This helps straighten your ear canal and may allow
    for easier insertion. The monitor cord should run over and behind your
    ear. Hold the monitor in place for 5 to 10 seconds to allow the foam to
    expand and conform to the shape of your ear canal ( g. 3).
    Once the monitors and cords are comfortably in place, slide the cable
    zipper up to the base of your skull (not too snugly, as this may cause
    discomfort). This will limit cable movement and help ensure that your
    monitors stay in place during use.

    UM Pro Care + Maintenance

    Here are a few simple guidelines that can greatly increase your listen-
    ing enjoyment and the lifespan of your UM Pro monitors:
    Always store your monitors in the provided case.
    In case of poor sound quality due to earwax in the sound bore, use
    the included wax removal loop to carefully remove the earwax. Never
    use any other object to attempt to remove the earwax as this may
    result in damage to the monitors and will void the warranty.
    Do not use the cord to remove the monitors from your ears. This
    may cause damage to the cord and result in poor performance.
    Damage of this nature is not covered by the warranty.
    Do not expose your monitors to temperature extremes.
    Avoid strong impacts to your monitors.
    Wipe down your monitors after each use.
    Never immerse them in water.
    Please Note: Moisture in your monitors can cause temporary perfor-
    mance issues. Do not insert your monitors if your ears are wet. Always
    dry your ears completely before inserting your monitors. Should you
    inadvertently allow water or perspiration into the monitors and they quit
    working, allow to dry completely before attempting to use again. Minor
    moisture build-up should dry out and not aff ect long-term performance.
    Extended exposure to moisture or submersion will result in permanent
    damage (not covered by the warranty).

    Cable Removal

    Cable Replacement

    the earpiece and cable  rmly
    with each hand
    the cable by holding close to
    the connection and pulling at
    a straight angle from the socket
    Do not pull from the wire!
    if the cable is for the left or right monitor
    the cable to the appropriate monitor
    the cable into the monitor by pushing directly into the socket

    Listen for a Lifetime!

    Please read this important information before using your Westone UM
    Pro monitors. If everything sounds muffl ed or you hear ringing or buz-
    zing after using your monitors, your ears are trying to give you a warning!
    These are symptoms normally associated with a condition known as
    Temporary Threshold Shift and are an indication of conditions that could
    lead to permanent hearing loss.
    While no two individuals’ hearing sensitivity is exactly the same, there are
    established safety guidelines for sound levels versus time of exposure.
    The chart (see below) is based on OSHAs (Occupational Health and Safe-
    ty Administration) exposure information for industry. Remember that
    these guidelines are based on average hearing sensitivity. Your sensitivity
    may be above or below these levels.
    The use of any monitors off ers bene ts and risks. Westone’s UM Pro mon-
    itors can lower ambient sound levels approximately 25dB when properly
    worn. However, the performance capabilities of the monitors can allow
    the user to negate the bene ts of hearing protection from ambient
    sound. We want you listening for a lifetime!

    Remember, personal hearing protection is your responsibility!

    Exposure Time
    Exposure Time
    Exposure Time


    marked (R) for right and
    (L) for left
    FIG 1 FIG 2 FIG 3
    at the ear canal, with cord
    facing forward & slightly
    into ear canal and rotate
    earpiece backwards &
    into position
Westone UM Pro 30

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Westone UM Pro 30 – tekniset tiedot

Tuotemerkki Westone
Malli UM Pro 30
Tuote Kuuloke
Kieli Englanti
Tiedoston tyyppi PDF
Kuulokkeiden herkkyys 124 dB
Impedanssi 56 Ω
Ohjaimen tyyppi Tasapainotettu
Kuulokkeiden taajuus 20 - 18000 Hz
Korvakytkentä Korvan sisäinen
Johdon pituus 1.28 m
Tuotteen väri Läpinäkyvä
Käyttötapa In-ear
Tuotetyyppi Kuulokkeet
Pakkauksen sisältö
Määrä 1
Paino ja mitat
Paino 12.7 g
Yhteysteknologia Langallinen

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