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Wimberley PP-210
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  • 5 Year Warranty – See www.tripodhead.com/warranty.cfm for complete details
    Wimberley, Inc. Phone: 1-434-529-8385
    1750 Broadway St Toll Free: 1-888-665-2746 (USA & Canada)
    Charlottesville, VA
    22902 USA www.tripodhead.com info@tripodhead.com
    Made in USA
    Dimensions: (L x W x H): 2” x 0.65” x 13.5”
    Weight: 3.4 oz (95g)
    Arched Recess reliably grip cylindrical objects such as small flashlights and branches. Foam Jaw Inserts Grip delicate objects without damage. Thumbscrew Turn the Nylon thumbscrew to open or close the jaws of the clip. Compared to typical spring-activated clips, thumbscrew activated clip jaws allow for more finesse when holding delicate objects, as well as much higher maximum clamping force when desired.

    The Plamp Clip

    Clip Body The clip is custom designed to hold anything from the most delicate plant stems to heavy reflectors and diffusers. It is made of nearly unbreakable ST Nylon
    Jaw opening band This elastomer band puts tension on the clamps moving jaw so that it opens when you loosen the thumbscrew. It is made of weather/UV resistant EPDM (the same mate-rial that industrial rubber roofs are made of)
    Special notches in the clips jaws grab the steel rim on reflectors and
    diffusers, providing a secure, slip-free attachment (applies to typical cloth
    reflectors/diffusers with steel perimeter hoop). This new feature is a drastic improvement over other clips currently on the market.
    The firm grip allows you to make precise adjustments to the angle of a reflector. You can even hold diffusers cantilevered straight out above your subject

    Important Feature

    Reflector/Diffuser Notches

    Package Contents:
    The Plamp Extension Rod (Qty 1)


    Extension Rod

Wimberley PP-210

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