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    Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha DXS18 Powered Subwoofer. Please read this manual thoroughly to
    ensure optimum long-term use of your DXS18.
    Keep the manual in a safe place for future reference.
    Please read the PRECAUTIONS on the reverse side of this manual before use.
    The illustrations as shown in this manual are for instructional purposes only.
    The company names and product names used in this manual are the trademarks or registered trade-
    marks of their respective companies.
    Included accessories and optional accessories
    1,020 W power and 136 dB max. SPL and LF extension down to 32 Hz
    Powered by a 1,020 W amplifier with an 18" woofer with a 4" voice coil and housed in a sturdy band-
    pass type enclosure, the DXS18 is able to realize 136 dB maximum SPL, and an extended LF down to 32
    Hz with exceptional clarity and minimal distortion.
    Flexible features
    D-XSUB: D-XSUB is a DSP technology that gives users additional dynamic control of the frequency
    range to meet the demands of a variety of applications or musical styles.
    Selectable X-OVER (80/100/120 Hz): Selecting the cut-off frequency and LPF/HPF settings offers
    users more flexibility to adapt to various applications.
    Cardioid mode: The Cardioid mode setting adds additional control of low frequencies for sub-woofer
    arrays of two or more DXS18 speakers, effectively reducing the SPL of bass directed towards the stage
    while increasing the bass levels directed towards the audience.
    The DXS18 features advanced protection circuits in the speaker unit, amplifier unit, and power supply
    that ensure optimum reliability and extended equipment life.
    The DXS18’s sturdy plywood cabinet is covered with an extremely durable LINE-X finish that provides
    added protection from outside elements and duress.
    Fast and easy setup
    M20 and Ø35 dual pole sockets allow for more flexible set up, while optional casters are also available
    for improved portability.
    Included accessories
    AC power cord
    • Owner’s manual (this leaflet)
    Technical Specifications
    Optional accessories
    Speaker cover (SPCVR-18S01)
    Wheels (SPW-1; 4 pieces)
    Owners Manual
    Input the output signal from a source, such as a mixer, to the INPUT jack of the DXS18, and input the out-
    put signal from the OUTPUT jack of the DXS18 to the input jack of a full-range speaker.
    X-OVER switch (!2)
    It is recommended that you match the crossover frequency (the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter)
    of the DXS18 and the cutoff frequency of the high pass filter of the full-range speaker. The same fre-
    quency range output from the DXS18 and the full-range speaker may cause interference with each other
    and degrade the frequency characteristics.
    THROUGH/HPF POST switch (o)
    If the full-range speaker is properly equipped with a high pass filter, you should set this to
    [THROUGH]. The [THROUGH] setting enables you to control the level independently and minimize
    signal delay. If the full-range speaker is not equipped with a high pass filter or the high pass filter in the
    full-range speaker cannot be set to the same cutoff frequency as that of the low pass filter of the DXS18,
    set this to [HPF POST] to use the high pass filter in the DXS18.
    The pole sockets of the DXS18 are compatible with commercially available speaker poles of 35 mm diame-
    ter and M20 screws.
    Installing optional wheels SPW-1 at the back of the DXS18 enables you to transport the unit easily. To
    install the wheels, use the screws installed in the DXS18 unit, after removing them from the unit.
    Please do not use the speaker once the screws are removed. This causes air leaks to occur in enclosure,
    resulting in undesirable performance.
    * If any specific problem should persist, please contact your Yamaha dealer.
    * The contents of this manual apply to the latest specifications as of the printing date. Since Yamaha makes continuous
    improvements to the product, this manual may not apply to the specifications of your particular product. To obtain the latest
    manual, access the Yamaha website then download the manual file. Since specifications, equipment or separately sold
    accessories may not be the same in every locale, please check with your Yamaha dealer.
    Basic Setup
    If multiple powered speakers are connected in daisy-chain fashion, turn each device on in
    sequence starting from the one nearest to the sound source, and turn them off starting from the
    one farthest from the sound source.
    Combination of monaural DXS18 and stereo full-range speakers
    Combination of stereo DXS18 and stereo full-range speakers
    The L and R jacks are interchangeable; there is no difference in behavior between them.
    Combination and setting examples
    Using the high pass filter in the
    connected full-range speaker
    Using the high pass filter in
    the DXS18
    From mixer
    Full-range speaker Full-range speaker
    To full-range speaker
    Full-range speaker Full-range speaker
    DXS18 DXS18
    From mixer
    To full-range speaker
    Installing a Speaker Pole
    Installing Wheels
    For details on installing the wheels or special precautions you should take, please refer to the
    relevant manual for the wheels.
    Do not install wheels other than the SPW-1.
    Symptom Possible causes Possible solution
    Power does not turn on.
    The power cord is not con-
    nected properly.
    Connect the power cord properly.
    Power suddenly turned
    The protection system has
    been activated, shutting
    down the power supply.
    Turn off the power, wait until the amplifier cools down,
    and then turn on again.
    No sound.
    The cable is not con-
    nected properly.
    Connect the cable to the INPUT jack properly.
    Sound is interrupted
    The protection circuit has
    been activated, muting the
    Wait until the amplifier cools down. If the unit doesn’t
    automatically reset itself, turn off the power, and then
    on again.
    Sound howls (feed-
    A microphone is directed
    toward the speaker.
    Keep the speaker away from the area where the
    microphone picks up the sound.
    The sound from each
    speaker differs (if multi-
    ple speakers are used.)
    The settings for each
    speaker differ.
    Set each switch of each speaker to the same posi-
    Sound is distorted.
    Input volume is excessive.
    Lower the volume of the input device so that the
    PEAK indicator lights only occasionally.
    Output volume is exces-
    Lower the output level with the LEVEL control so that
    the LIMIT indicator lights only occasionally.
    General Specifications
    General Specifications DXS18
    System Type Powered subwoofer, band-pass type
    Frequency Range (-10 dB) 32 Hz–120 Hz
    Measured Maximum SPL (Peak) Pink Noise @1m 136 dB SPL
    Power Rating
    Dynamic 1,020 W
    Continuous 800 W
    Power Consumption (1/8 output power)
    100 W
    Components LF 18" cone, 4" voice coil
    Dimensions (W × H × D; including rubber feet) 563 × 683 × 721 mm
    Weight 49.7 kg
    Handles Steel, side × 2
    Pole Sockets (top surface)
    Ø35 mm (depth: 80 mm), M20 (threaded depth: 25 mm)
    Input XLR3-31 × 2
    Output XLR3-32 × 2 (THROUGH or HPF POST)
    Input Sensitivity (LEVEL: center) +10 dBu
    Maximum Input Level +24 dBu
    M20 screwØ35
    q Pole sockets
    Adapts to commercially available speaker poles of 35 mm diameter and
    M20 screws. For detail on installing speaker poles, refer to “Installing a
    Speaker Pole.
    w Feet cups
    When stacking multiple DXS18 units, align the rubber feet of the upper
    DXS18 unit to the feet cups of the lower.
    e Front LED
    Turns on when the power is on. Lights more brightly when the output
    limiter is active. Using FRONT LED DISABLE switch (!9) enables
    you keep the LED always off.
    r Wheel mounting holes
    Optional SPW-1 wheels can be installed to the holes. For details on
    installing the wheels or special precautions you should take, please
    refer to the relevant manual for the wheels.
    t AC IN socket
    Connect the supplied AC power cord here. First, connect the power
    cord to the DXS18, then insert the power cord plug into the AC outlet.
    y Power switch
    Turns the power to the unit on ( ) or off ( ).
    If you are using multiple units, turn on the power to each unit one by
    one. If you turn on the power to multiple units simultaneously, a tempo-
    rary drop in the power voltage may occur, possibly resulting in abnor-
    mal operation of the units.
    Also, rapidly turning the unit on and off in succession can cause it to
    malfunction. After turning the unit off, wait for about 5 seconds before
    turning it on again.
    u INPUT jacks
    These are balanced input XLR jacks (line-level), and this device out-
    puts the mixed signals of L and R.
    i OUTPUT jacks
    These are balanced output XLR jacks for connecting full-range speak-
    ers or additional DXS18 units. The output signal can be switched via
    the THROUGH/HPF POST switch (o).
    L/R output from the OUTPUT jacks correspond to L/R input to the
    INPUT jacks. The mixed signal of L/R is not output.
    o THROUGH/HPF POST switch
    Switches the signals output from the OUTPUT jacks (i).
    THROUGH: Outputs unaffected signals from INPUT jacks (u).
    Select when using HPF of the connected speaker or connecting addi-
    tional DXS18 units.
    HPF POST: Outputs signal input from INPUT jacks (u) after pass-
    ing through a HPF. The cutoff frequency of the high pass filter is the
    frequency specified with the X-OVER switch (!2). Because the out-
    put level from the OUTPUT jacks is linked to the LEVEL control
    (!1), the levels of this unit and the full-range speaker change simulta-
    !0 PEAK indicator
    Lights red when the input level reaches 3 dB below clipping. If the indi-
    cator lights frequently, adjust the volume of the input source or lower
    the LEVEL control (!1) so that the indicator flashes only briefly at the
    highest input levels.
    !1 LEVEL control
    Adjusts the output level.
    !2 X-OVER switch
    Specifies the crossover frequency at 120 Hz, 100 Hz, or 80 Hz. The
    output from the unit is processed through a low pass filter to cut the
    range of the selected frequency or higher. When setting THROUGH/
    HPF POST switch (o) to [HPF POST], the output signals from the
    OUTPUT jacks are processed through a high pass filter to cut the range
    of the selected frequency or lower, and the crossover frequency is
    linked to that of the connected speaker.
    !3 D-XSUB switch
    Switches the low-range frequency response characteristics.
    NORMAL: A generic setting corresponding to various applications.
    BOOST: Boosts the frequency range enhancing and providing punch
    to the sound.
    XTD LF (eXTenDed LF): Extends the bottom of the low frequency
    !4 CARDIOID switch
    Connection of multiple DXS18 units enables the use of Cardioid mode.
    For details on Cardioid mode and using the switch, refer to “Setup of
    Cardioid Mode” on the opposite page.
    !5 POLARITY switch
    Switches the polarity of the unit, normal or inverted. When the polarity
    is inverted, the INVRT indicator lights.
    In most cases, this should be set to normal; however, the inverted set-
    ting may improve low-range response, depending on the type and loca-
    tion of the speaker system. Select a setting that produces the best low-
    end sound.
    !6 LIMIT indicator
    Lights when the output limiter is active. The output limiter operates in
    order to protect the speaker and amplifier, attenuating the output signal
    to the amplifier. If the indicator lights frequently, adjust the volume of
    the input source or lower the LEVEL control (!1) so that the indicator
    only occasionally lights at the highest input levels.
    !7 PROTECTION indicator
    Lights when the protection system is active. The protection system
    operates and the speaker output is muted in the following situations.
    If amplifier overheating is detected.
    If overcurrent is detected.
    Immediately after turning the power on. (The protection system is
    activated to prevent noise and the indicator lights for about two sec-
    onds. The indicator turns off when the power supply has started nor-
    !8 POWER indicator
    Lights when the power is on.
    !9 FRONT LED DISABLE switch
    Turns the FRONT LED at the front of the unit on or off. The LED lights
    when this switch is set to off. Turn this switch on to disable the LED.
    Controls and functions
    e t y
    !2 !3 !4
    Do not stack more than two DXS18 units.
    Turn off the power before you connect or disconnect the
    power cord.
    Make sure to lower the input level when switching.
Yamaha DXS18

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Yamaha DXS18 – tekniset tiedot

Tuotemerkki Yamaha
Malli DXS18
Tuote Subwoofer
EAN 4957812591065
Kieli Englanti
Tiedoston tyyppi PDF
Subwooferin tyyppi Aktiivinen alibassokaiutin
Subwooferin RMS-teho 800W
Alibassokaiuttimen huipputeho 1020W
Subwooferin taajuusalue 32 - 120Hz
Subwooferin herkkyys 136dB
Alibassokaiuttimien lukumäärä 1
Subwoofer-kautinelementin halkaisija (brittiläinen) 18 2011-05-04 11:27:54 2012-06-08 13:40:02 3162 16 18
XLR in
Virtalähteen malli AC
Virrankulutus 100W
AC-syöttötaajuus 50 - 60Hz
AC-syöttöjännite 100 - 240V
Tuotteen väri Musta
Paino ja mitat
Subwooferin leveys 563mm
Subwooferin syvyys 721mm
Subwooferin korkeus 683mm
Subwooferin paino 49700g

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